Production Knives

Acronym Name Comments
AD Active Duty  
AB Aftershock Bolo  
NARK Nuclear Air Rescue Knife  
AS Assault Shaker  
BA Badger Attack  
B3 Basic 3  
B4 Basic 4 European release only, AKA Euro 4
B5 Basic 5  
B6 Basic 6 European release only, AKA Euro 6
B7 Basic 7  
B9 Basic 9  
BG Battle Grade A series of Busse knives with SR101 steel
  Bear Cub The first in the HACK series
BM Battle Mistress  
BOSS Busse Old School Series Includes: HG55, BOSS Street, BOSS Jack
CR Combat Recruit  
CT Care Taker European release only, clip point E-handled knife, roughly the size of a NO
(B)C4 Combat 4 Basic Combat 4, European release only, essentially a 4" satin jack blade, with the smaller 3rd gen style choil
  Fillet Knives  
FO Force One  
GM Groove Master  
GW Game Warden As well as a newer version in 2006 featuring a handle similar to the Active Duty
HACK HOG Apprentice Custom Knives Includes: HACK Bear Cub, HACK Warden
  HG55 The first HG55 sold publicly was in the Cupidganza 2 (2009). They went up on the Busse site shortly thereafter.
HR Hell Razor Production version of the "grooved fighter" seen at Blade '03
KB Killer Bee AKA 4" pure bred fighter that is factory wrapped in yellow and black or all black
LE Limited Edition  
MS Mean Street Older model
MrS Meaner Street Newer model of the MS
Mr. Mojo   Steel Heart sized blade, E-handle, recurved with a blade catch on the upper riccasso
NO Natural Outlaw  
NWSAR5 Northwest Baby SAR 5 A search and rescue knife, first sold 2008
PBS Pork Belly Skinner  
PD Public Defender  
PH Paul’s Hatchet  
PR Police Recruit  
PBF Pure Bred Fighter AKA Killer Bee
SJ Satin Jack  
SHARK   Early fighting knife with shark-like lines
  Stealth Hawk  
SH Steel Heart  
SHI Steal Heart I Earliest version, 6" blade, birds beak pommel
SHII Steal Heart II 7.5" blade with either the birds beak or the later rounded pommel
SK Skeleton Key  
SOB Son of Badger  
SS Mini Sus Scrofa Fear it! (Jerry said so)
TB Tank Buster  
UF Urgent Fury  
WB War Boar Production karambit

Production Knife Variants

  3-Finger An older Busse design, similar to the Mean Street but smaller
  82nd Airborne Earlier busse, oval handle, saber ground, false upper swedge, a kind of bottle opener style choil
AA Argonne Assault Originals were made early years of Busse History. Re-released in 2002 as the 10th Anniversary = 7.5" blade, 20th Anniversary = 9.5" blade. "Magnum" = 10.5"
  Apprentice Knife Made by people working under the Busse apprentice program, most/all were sans front talon hole, and most often had cord wrapped handles
AXE Axe Early years item. Few known to exist.
BA Bad Apple  
B&T Bird and Trout 1 of 3 made for 3 brothers. Late 1982, D2 steel, real pre-embargo ivory handles
  Bluegrass Bowie A GFD bowie made from an E-handled knife
  Boot Knife Blanks A set of dagger-shaped boot knife blanks made of D2 steel, offered to the public un-heat treated and unground
  Dagger A 1983-1986 blade that was made from Jerry's brother's design
DH Defiance Hill Stag-handled D2 bowie, made early in Jerry’s knife-making career
  Drop Point Hunter 3" blade with 5160 steel. Sold ground, coated and heat treated. Originally used as apprentice training blanks in the 1980s
DWMS Desert Warfare Mean Street Smooth coat, reddish-brown micarta. .220 normally. Some in 9/32.
FIB Flinted Indian blade Heavily gun-blued 01 blades made in Jerry’s very early years
FT Flying Tiger Looks like a modified Flying Mojo, with the recurve ground out of the back end of the blade, the flying serrations closer together, and a lot of handle variance.
  Green Hornet Killer bee w/ jungle green powder coat
HT Holy Terror A serrated D-guard attachment meant for the original straight-handle Steel Hearts, offered with a separate handle so it could be used independent of a knife.
  Hood Knife A straight-handle Battle Mistress variant designed by Ron Hood
IA Internal Affair Clip point BM-E variant
  Inbred Fighter 7.5" blade Purebred Fighter with a striped jungle camo
  Jungle Jacket Killer bee with striped jungle camo
  Jungle Recurve Euro 4 with striped jungle camo and recurve blade
KL Knight Light  
  Lil' Ugly Earlier small-blade version which pre-dated Mean Street
LMS Lean Mean Street Thinner version of the Mean Street
LMRS Leaner Meaner Street A thinner variation of the Meaner Street
  Mr. MoFo Saber ground version of the Mr. Mojo
  Mr. Mefo Same as the Mr. MOFO, except with the letters "MEFO" instead of "MOFO" laser-etched onto it. A rare etching mistake.
  Mighty Behemoth A very large recurved E-handled custom
MOAB Mother Of All Bowies  
  Mutant MOJO A GFD ground Mr. MOJO
NICK Nuclear INFI Culinary Knife Also offered in XXX NICK version
NIP Nuclear Ice Pick  
Nuke Heart Steel Heart variants that featured a sharpened hollow-ground top edge
OD Off Duty 3/8" variation of the Active Duty
PA Pink Apple Variation of a variation, using pink died bone handles
  Birch Knob Polar Drop Early smooth micarta smooth bolt busse. A “nuclear payload” knife, it was buried in 1989 for later retrieval
  Pilot Master Groove master with a swedge top, and a (mostly except tip) serrated blade, meant for downed plane/helicopter extraction
PS Pepper Shaker Swedged & hollow ground Assault Shaker variant
  Rescue Jack 3rd gen handle Satin Jack with spotted jungle camo used by Jerry to cut open a crash victim's car to make sure they were okay
  Red Cross SHBM base, recurved main edge with flying style serrations at back of curve, swedge top with second edge covering forward half of blade, swedge containing flying style serrations as well. Finger grooved handle and skull crusher pommel.
  Ruger Bowie Style of bowie from the early days (pre-production) of Jerry’s knife making career
  Skunk Slayer Ergo battle mistress with a horizontal black and white stripe camo. It seemingly helped to hide the profile of the blade very well.
  Trickster Mojo Mr. MOJO variant
SOW Santa's Outlaw Wicked Variation of the Special Forces Natural Outlaw, including a recurved clip point blade and red g10 handle scales
VWF Vasco Wear Fighter A ruger bowie made in vasco wear steel

Military Overrun Knives

ARK Air Rescue Knife  
AT1 Arctic Team 1 Clip point BM-E with white coating and forward seat belt cutter style serrations
BARF Busse Assault Ring Fighter Fighter-style offered with forward finger ring for retention/positional maintenance. Offered in 3 sizes, as well as 3 ringless "California" legal versions.
BIBB Bolo Inspired Battle Blade  
  Nuclear BARF Nuclear Busse Assault Ring Fighter, came in 3 sizes and a California variant
BS Buffalo Soldier  
DSF Desert Storm Fighter  
MR Mud Razor Military run of the Hell Razor without corrugated bevels and having a dark brown crinkle coat
EU17 Extraction Unit 17 These knives were offered in regular, magnum and mini sizes. They were made from E-series blades, specifically the BM, SH, and either NO or BA
JD Jungle Defender Public defender variant with hollow ground flat main grind section and a regular flat ground forward grind section
SMOG Warden Special Military Overrun Game Warden DCBB finish with tan+grey G10 handle slabs, with a partially seat belt cutter style serrated blade
SOUL1   A blade of “secure” origins that had very strict regulations on public purchase
ST-56 ST-56 Variation of (I think) a SFNO with a spine that curves down to meet the point, giving the appearence of a "persian fighter". Came in 6 and 7" blade lengths
ST-65 ST-65 Persion style recurved fighter featuring a Flying SF Handle, came in 6" and 7" blade lengths
  Taliwhacker Only Busse knife to use SR101, a modified 52110 steel used in Swamp Rat products
  Tanker A Longer version of the Combat 4 with serrated or PE (plain edge) options. (At least one of which had raptor pattern scales).
TM Terror Monkey Rumored to have been made for an Israeli special unit specializing in rappelling, these knives had a special coating and 2 handle variations, one EU-17 style, and another that thinned out the index finger area, and the curve going towards the butt. They were made from ZT (Zero Tolerance) blade blanks, in BM, SH, and NO versions. They were offered with either new-style serrations or plain edge.
UD Urban Defender Same as Jungle Defender but with urban camo coating.


3rd Generation Featuring rope cut scales, used on the Satin Jack and others. (BA3, GM, PD, PH, etc.)
BB Bird’s Beak, on the pommel.
E Ergo handle designation
EDC Every Day Carry
EU Extraction Unit, a handle similar to those used on the EU17 series of knives.
F Fusion (meant to be a handle designation, but often misused to designate the new line of knives)
Factory Wrapped Used on the Pure Bred Fighter series and some Busse swords, it was a Japanese style wrap, often in the Busse colors of black and yellow, but also offered in black/black.
Flying Seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife near the tip. Also used to describe various handle modifications.
Magnum Thicker than normal handle scales with more contouring. Also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum EU17, Argonne Assault.
Mosaic Pins A decorative handle fastener sometimes used on Busse customs.
Quilted Pattern Raised diamond shaped checkering, used on the E-series handle scales.
Raptor Pattern A wavy set of grooves, most notably used on the Active Duty handles (and later the Meaner and Leaner Meaner Street)
Rope Pattern Diagonal cuts making a rope-like texture, used on 3rd gen. handles (SJ, BA3, etc.)
SF Special Forces handle – found on the SFNO, F1, and other offerings from 2004 on.
SH Straight Handle, a handle shape offered before the Fusion and Ergo handles.
Slotted Bolts A type of handle fastener, essentially a flat head screwdriver bolt, used between smooth and tubed scales periods.
Smooth Bolt A type of handle fastener that had a smooth head, used on earlier knives before production years started.
Smooth Micarta Designates a lack of machining on the micarta slabs, meaning they are smooth and not patterned.
TAC Tactical handle designation, found on the NARK, BATAC, and others offered since 2004.
Tube Fasteners A tube of metal flared at both ends under extremely high pressure. Superior shear resistance, as well as maintaining holes through the handle for added versatility.

Handle Materials

Canvas Micarta A layered material made of canvas and phenolic resin, roughest and strongest of the 3 micartas used by Busse.
Cord Wrapped Paracord wrapped around the skeletonized handle, like on the Lil' Ugly and a few others. Some knives have had a Japanese sword style black cloth wrap as well.
G10 A layered material made from fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin, it has been used by Busse in many colors.
Hard Anodized Aluminum Aluminum that is hardened and electrically anodized to take on specific surface colors. Used on the AK47.
Linen Micarta A layered material made of linen and phenolic resin. As finished by Busse, it has lesss visual and tactile texture than Canvas Micarta, but more than Paper Micarta.
MP45 A plastic no longer in production, used in the stealth hawk, occasionally used in customs.
Paper Micarta A layered material made of paper and phenolic resin. Smoothest and weakest of the 3 micarta’s used by Busse.
Sheep Horn Used occasionally on custom knives.
Ram Horn Used on a pub defender variant offered in an extravaganzaa in 2006, as well as other customs and variants.
Stabilized Maple Used in skeleton GW customs.

Blade Finishes

AT1 Arctic Team 1 Rare all-white coating.
BB Bead Blast A matte steel finish produced by blasting the blade steel with various media (e.g. glass pellets, sand, etc.)
Crinkle Coat A textured paint finish applied to the entire blade except the edge grind to protect it from the elements. Offered in several colors.  
CT Coyote Tan  
DC(BB) Double Cut (Bead Blast), see BB above.  
Desert Shadow Camo   A slanted striped combination of desert tans, grays, and maybe other colors painted on to make a camouflage pattern.
DT Desert Tan  
DW Desert Warfare Same as desert/coyote tan, used to describe the Mean Streets (older models).
Gold   Used on the 2006,2007 HOG induction knife.
JSC Juncle Shadow Camo, a painted-on camouflage finish.  
JG Jungle Green, a painted-on camouflage finish.  
Muddy   Brown muddy crinkle coat seen on the Mud Razor, Muddy AD, Mud Warden, and others.
OD Olive Drab A painted-on blade finish that replaces the older jungle green color.
SM Smooth Coat A smooth-painted finish as opposed to the Crinkle Coat.
Satin   A bare-metal hand rubbed style finish that has all the sanding marks going in one direction. One of the stages before mirror polishing. Most often seen on Limited Editions, customs, and variants.
SC Spotted Camo Prototype camo pattern seen most notably on the car crash knife used by Jerry to cut away metal of a smashed vehicle to get to the victims.
Jungle Shadow Camo   Slanted striped combination of greens, grays, and other Smooth Coat paints making a camouflage blade.
Terror Monkey   Slanted line coating using overlapping olive drab, gray and black colors.
UC Urban Camo, a Smooth Coat camouflage blade finish using grays, blacks, and maybe other colors.  
Urban Gray   A gray-colored Crinkle Coat painted finish.
Urban Shadow Camo   Slanted striped Smooth Coat painted combination of blacks, grays, and maybe other colors.

Blade Features

Asymmetrical Edge A type of cutting edge bevelling where one side of the cutting edge is steeply ground (say, 15 degrees), and the other side is much more obtusely ground (say, 45 degrees). The actual cutting edge is either left or right of center, depending on the wich side the steeper angle is on. It is considered a stronger edge less prone to damage (better for chopping). This edge was standard on the Basic series, the E-handle series, the Assault Shakers, and maybe more.
Band Cutter Used on the force one, it is a second edge meant for heavy abuse such as cutting steel banding. A picture on shows use as early as 1984, most often on the spine of the knife.
BAT Busse Armored Tip, used most notably on the Stealth Hawk
Blade Catch (Bottle Opener) The piece of metal on the top of the ricasso as seen on the Uncle Mofo. Works as a second guard, and also to add weight at the center of the blade (pulling the balance closer to the handle)
Broad Tooth In reference to the old style serrations (seat belt cutter style), meaning they are set fairly far apart. It is the normal style of old serrations, the more agressive close together pattern being for dedicated fighters like the Flying Tiger.
Corrugated Bevel Corrugations, or fullers, can be with or without the heavy corrugation effect, which is essentialy a set of fullers that run down the length of the blade.
CNC Bevel A blade grind that is created solely using a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine.
CG Combat Grade, generally referring to standard line knives sold direct from Busse Combat.
Distal Taper A blade profile where the blade thins in thickness as it goes towards the tip.
Field Grade Essentially the same as CG, this term was used on earlier knives.
HOG Heavy Ordnance Grade. denotes 5/16" blade thickness, and a full flat grind rather then saber grind. May also denote one who has a propensity for buying/collecting Busses, or an unhealthy love thereof.
INFI The proprietary steel that is patented by Busse Combat. Unique in its use of nitrogen as a major alloy (along with a reletively low carbon content).
LE Limited Edition
MP45 The plastic laminate comprising the blade of the Stealth Hawk.
Maagnum A thicker and more shaped than normal handle variation used on the new line. Also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum EU17, or the magnum Argonne Assault.
Oversized Used to describe the larger Urgent Fury.
Penetrator Tip Two small bevels on the upper corners of the tip of the blade that increase penetration ability.
Proto(type) A specially made knife to test out a new feature or blade coating.
Quadruple Ground A blade grind where there are 4 separate bevels.
Ricasso The flat part between the blade and handle.
Serrated (new style) A standard 2 small 1 large style serrations, which leave no straight edge.
Serrated (old style) A kind of seat belt cutter style serration spread apart enough to allow for a straight edge between the serrations.
SR101 52100 with proprietary heat treatment, resulting in a steel with properties similar to those of INFI, but to a slightly lesser degree. Used in the Taliwacker (the only Busse knife made of SR101), and later used by Swamp Rat knife works.
Swedge A set of bevels placed on the spine of the knife near the tip.
Symmetrical Edge When both sides of the cutting edge are ground at the same angle (say 15 degrees right side, and 15 degrees left side), as apposed to the edge being ground asymmetrically. Generally considered to be better for slicing applications then an asymmetrical edge.
Talon HoleE A Busse registered trade mark, it is a hole put in the bottom guard (between index finger and blade).
Triple Ground A blade grind featuring 3 separate bevels.
Undersized Used to describe the smaller Urgent Fury.
Zero Edge / Zero Ground A full convex grind from spine to edge, having no distinctly separate bevels.
Zero Tolerance Essentially "anorexic" (3/16" thick) editions of the Ergo line, most with a swedged upper tip and a saber grind.

Blade Thickness

Anorexic Anything between 3/16" (.1875); and 1/8" (.125) Thinner than normal
Bulemic Between 1/16" (.0625) and 1/8" (.125) Razor thin
Fatty Above 1/4" (.250) Thicker than normal
Heavy Generally .220" thick A thicker version of a standard 3/16" knife
HO Heavy Ordinance Same as Fatty
Lean(er) Below 1/4" (.250) A term used for the Mean Street series, meaning less thick than normal
MOA (Mother of All ...) Generally referring to 3/8" (.375) Specifically the MOASH and MOAB (e.g. mother of all steel hearts, mother of all bowies)
Obese Normally 3/8" (.375)  
0.09 Between 1/16 and 1/8 Technically closest to 1/11, NICK thickness (Bulemic)
0.125 1/8" Anorexic
Special run of Nuclear Air Rescue Knives (NARK)
0.1875 3/16" Zero Tolerance thickness
0.2 Between 3/16" and .220 Model T Street thickness,
0.22 Just below 1/4, technically 11/50 Standard thickness for tactical, fusion, and special forces knives
0.25 1/4"  
0.27 Slightly above 1/4", close to 3/11ths Fatty
0.3125 5/16" Heavy Ordinance, Fatty
0.35 Between 5/16 and 3/8 Sometimes used with the "Mother Of All" prefix
0.375 3/8" Obese

Application for determining thickness by decimal

Blade Variants

Baby Same as Mini, seen on "Baby BARF"
Black Tie A satin finished blade with black G10 (or black paper micarta) handle scales. E.g. Black Tie Game Warden.
Bull Nose When the top tip of the knife (on the spine) is sharpened to so that the spine drops abruptly into the tip. Creates a stubbier, but more durable looking tip.
California Whenever a knife uses an integral knuckle gaurd, a variant is sometimes made with the guard ground off in order to make it legal for sale and carry in California.
Coffin Handle A handle with an equal length spine and belly, with a butt that is half a hexagon, creating the appearence of a wild west style coffin. Most notably used on a Killer Bee.
Chisel Ground Normally it would mean that one side is completely flat (lacking primary grind), but on Busse knives it can mean a puuko style grind, meaning there is no secondary cutting edge bevel; the main grind goes from straight into the cutting edge, as seen on the "chisel ground skull crusher"
Deep Dish A very deep hollow grind.
Fence Fried / Fish Scale DCBB A fish scale pattern bead blast (specifically used on Game Wardens)
Fire / Flame DCBB A flame pattern bead blast (specifically used on Game Wardens)
Flying Seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife, near the tip. Also used intermittenty to describe various handle modifications. When in reference to handles, it basically means metal has been removed from the handle. To "fly" the spine is to remove metal to give a different effect/grip, and handle weight. "You know, If I "flew" it. .. I could lose another 1/2 ounce. . . .hmmmmm. . . . stand by for take off." - Jerry Busse. Simplfied, it means "to remove metal from".
GFD (Grinder Frontal Design) Meaning Jerry himself takes the knife to the grinder without any template to work from.
Ghost Can mean several things. The ghost Steel Heart was a bead blasted birds beak SH1 that had a faint Busse Combat logo visible. As a generalized term, it refers to a combination of coating and handle materials that creates a light grey color, such as grey/white G10 and urban grey coating.
Harpoon Tip A swedge that stops before the tip, creating a spine configuration that would catch on material when withdrawn from a stab.
Jungle Assault Unknown specifications for use
Mini Smaller version of a pre-existing model.
Mole Sterile black crinkle coated blades like the Mole Jack.
Naked Can mean without handle, without coating, or without sheath.
Nuclear Having the entire length of the spine sharpened using a deep dish hollow grind.
Saw Back A term used in the description of a custom. It used the flying (but non slanted) serration pattern with 3 levels cut into the spine, each slightly lower (more towards the center of the knife).
Search and Rescue (SAR) Can have various meanings. The SAR Warden was called such because it features day-glow yellow G10 handle scales. The Northwest Baby SAR5 was built with SAR use in mind.
Swag Back A term used by Jerry to describe a 3 humped back, like what is seen on the Fusion Battle Mistress. It was used to describe a Triple Clip Steel Heart Variant.
Uncle Meaning without a blade catch – used when referring to the Mr. Mofo / Mojo line


AK American Kensei  
AK47 American Kensei 47 The second version of the American Kensei with an overall length of 29", an 18.5" blade, and fusion style pommel. Utilizes the Corrugated Bevel and is made via CNC.
DF Dragons Fang Zakuri hira kissaki, blade catch, and finger grooves throughout the handle length.
Gladius Just that. Initially released in 2010
HH Hell's Hornet "Hells Hornet was a custom project specifically made for none other than the Idahoskunk. As far as it being part of a production run, can you say "no way Jose"?". Very much like the AK47, except the following: 1/4" INFI, 25" OAL, 15" in front of the Talon Hole.
Ruck Kensei AK47 Variant Has a 15" blade, and a total length of 23 1/4". The last tube fastener and pommel were removed to shorten the handle.

Thanks to "Last Visible Canary"@BFC for compiling an extensive initial version of this document!